The American Academy of Adoption Attorneys (AAAA) has created this nationwide national clearinghouse to register prospective placing parents. The Adoption Information Clearinghouse (AIC) will certify, based on the information contained in its database, that the prospective placing parent has not sought financial assistance from other participating sources and/or that the prospective placing parent has not committed to any other adoptive family for the same placement.

How the AIC Works:

The AIC concept differs significantly from other attempts to identify adoption fraud in that it generates an AIC Clearance Number (CN) for each prospective placing parent, instead of creating and circulating a list of “fraud” suspects. By requiring an AIC Clearance Number prior to the payment of adoption related expenses, or prior to moving forward with the adoptive placement, participants can identify potential adoption fraud before prospective adoptive parents incur a financial loss or invest significant time, effort and resources.

The AIC's Goal:

The goal of the AIC is to allow all parties to a prospective adoptive placement to be more confident in the payment of expenses for a prospective placing parent and in moving forward with an adoptive placement with greater assurance that the prospective placing parent is genuine in her placement plans.